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We help insurance companies find quality candidates that will ensure they achieve their future plans. Our team can help advise you as well as find quality candidates for roles in Underwriting, Risk Management, IS-IT Technologies, Operations, Finance, Leadership, Claims, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, ReInsurance, Government Affairs, Legal, SIU and other key positions necessary to achieving your leadership's objectives.


Underwriting, Risk Managers, Operations, Quality Assurance, business analysts, innovation and IT specialists


Field adjusters to inside desk, CSRs, Independent adjusting firms, TPAs, Vendor Managers and more


Sales agents, Brokers, Independent Insurance Agents, Wholesalers, MGA, we help you grow

We have an awesome set of tools that allow you to Attract & Retain Top Talent
We help insurers develop the strategies to attract and retain top talent. Then we execute for your recruiting teams.
Tools and Services that Support YOU!

Over 280,000 Contacts

Our active, licensed list contains adjusters, agents, CSRs, SIU, OPS, QA, Attorneys, Brokers, VPs, C Suite, Vendor Mgrs and other many supporting roles

Prescreen and Placement Services

Understanding what is an ideal fit for your culture along with the proper skillsets and experience can help you fill open positions quickly

SIU and Legal Team members

With the increasing number of lawsuits today, most insurers have a tremendous need for staff legal counsel and quality SIU teams, we can help

Hyper-Targeted Marketing Services

We can send your open positions directly to candidates that meet your requirements via email, SMS Text or Postcards to their homes

Customized Digital Marketing

Don't underestimate the power of mobile phone searches, add valuable online services to drive traffic to your application pages

Put FUN Back Into Your Workplace

We help our clients create a culture where people love to come to work. We help you create fun activities, team building exercises and more.

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