Unleash Your Business Potential at Every Stage of the Journey
With over three decades of experience and a track record of helping thousands of entrepreneurs succeed, our strategic business advisory firm is here to guide you through every stage of your business journey. From concept to exit, we provide tailored consulting and coaching solutions and expert advice to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Here are just a few of the ways we have helped clients in the past:
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No matter what stage your business is in, our experienced consultants are here to provide the guidance, tools, and support you need to succeed. From defining your vision and designing your strategy to deploying your plans and achieving your goals, we’re your trusted partner every step of the way.

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Concept Stage:

  • Define your vision and validate your business idea

  • Conduct market research and feasibility studies

  • Develop a comprehensive business plan and financial projections

  • Assist with patent filings, trademark registrations, and intellectual property protection

  • Design and prototype your product or service


Startup Stage:

  • Guide you through the legal formation and structuring of your business

  • Help secure funding through loans, grants, and investor pitch decks

  • Develop branding, marketing, and sales strategies to launch your business

  • Establish operational frameworks and processes for efficient execution

  • Connect you with key partners, suppliers, and manufacturers


Early Stage:

  • Refine your business model and identify growth opportunities

  • Implement robust financial management and reporting systems

  • Optimize your operations and streamline processes for increased efficiency

  • Expand your customer base through targeted marketing campaigns

  • Provide mentoring and coaching to help you navigate challenges and make informed decisions


Growth Stage:

  • Develop strategies for scaling your business and entering new markets

  • Assist with hiring and building a high-performing team

  • Implement technology solutions to support your growing operations

  • Secure additional funding through venture capital, private equity, or strategic partnerships

  • Provide ongoing advisory services to ensure sustainable growth


Expansion Stage:

  • Conduct due diligence and market research for potential acquisitions or mergers

  • Develop and execute expansion plans, including international growth strategies

  • Optimize your organizational structure and processes to support expanded operations

  • Implement advanced financial planning and forecasting tools

  • Provide guidance on corporate governance and compliance matters


Mature Stage:

  • Develop strategies for maintaining market share and staying ahead of the competition

  • Identify opportunities for diversification and innovation

  • Implement succession planning and leadership development programs

  • Optimize your financial performance and maximize profitability

  • Provide ongoing strategic advisory services to ensure long-term success


Exiting Stage:

  • Develop and execute exit strategies, such as sale, merger, or IPO

  • Prepare your business for sale by optimizing operations and financials

  • Assist with valuation, due diligence, and negotiations

  • Provide guidance on wealth management and estate planning

  • Support you through the transition process to ensure a smooth exit


Some of the many ways we have helped past clients include:

  • New Invention or New Product Launch
    • We can help organize a company for a new product launch including any required validation testing, market research, business operations, sourcing and more.
    • Proof of concept and validation documentation
    • Prepare research, imaging and copy for patent filings, trademark registration, etc.
    • Develop AUTOCAD and mechanical documentation for manufacturing
    • Provide access to hacker space and other low cost prototype development
    • Connect with manufacturing partners to produce short run production
  • Non Profit Funding
    • Preparing modular Grant Proposals for easier submission to multiple sources, identify appropriate grant makers, eligibility criteria and help submit on time for solicited funds.
    • Create donor giving strategies and programs to help reach like minded individuals who will support their efforts in the community.
    • Develop sponsorship programs to solicit corporate sponsors
    • Creative ideas and tools to fund raise successfully
    • Establish a grant management system to track Use of Funds on all grants, donations received
  • Disadvantage Business Entity Submission
    • We meet with your client and collect the appropriate documents, certificates, licenses for you to submit. We can even prepare the documents for you to submit to the state and federal programs.
    • Create documentation to qualify for Federal SBA 8a programs such as forms 1010, 1623, 1790, narratives, licenses, etc. for preparers.
    • Provide mentoring and consulting to Department of Defense programs or General Service Administration cataloging.
    • Help establish DNB and CAGE numbers for your clients
  • Applying to Debt Lenders
    • We help prepare your client’s lending document packets together with you
    • We can introduce your client to numerous local lending officers and sources for capital
    • Microloans, SBA loans, local business grants, PPP, and other sources
    • For credit challenged entrepreneurs we have access to many alternative funding sources as well
  • Applying to Private Equity lenders (Private Placement)
    • We help your client prepare with research and necessary data to create Private Placement memorandum (PPM), pitch deck, website, and other tools to impress investors.
    • Coach business owners on VC, Venture Debt or Angel expectations and how to talk their language
  • Create a Franchising program
    • Help business owners prepare the company structure and draft franchise documents like operations manuals, training manuals, franchise disclosure (FDD), Master Agreements, and more
    • Coach business owners in marketing their franchises, screen applicants and more.
  • Create EXIT strategies and systems
    • Help prepare a business for their closure or exit including sell the company, franchising, ESOP, competitive merger, liquidation, heir transition, take public (IPO), or workout and turnaround consulting when you file for bankruptcy restructuring.
    • We can arrange temporary management and bridge financing in case of death of solo owner until business course is established.
    • We can help connect you with Business Brokers to sell your client’s business
    • Help facilitate and develop strategic plan for reorganizing the business entity.
    • Identify and mentor personnel through training, commitments and to gain buy in to ensure success moving the company forward
    • Provide interim CEO, CFO, and President management during the process
    • Execute the work out strategies and report to the lenders
    • Provide Due Diligence and Market Research on acquisition targets
    • Identify opportunities from 6 core strategies archetypes: 1. improve performance 2. Reduce capacity 3. accelerate market access 4. Outsourcing makes sense 5. exploit industry scalability and 6. Pick early stage and help grow them.
    • Other considerations include LOB, Roll Up, etc
    • Great an Acquisition team and execute the plan
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