About Us

Since 1997, Focus Efforts continues to provide strategic planning and tactical execution services for SMB owners working together with our local CPA, Lenders, and attorney partners.

Today, we offer services ranging from start-up launch to exit strategies. Collectively we support organizations through the different stages of life cycle with a personalized service plan customized to their specific situation and needs. Couple this with our extensive network we can help any company achieve their desired results. On time, under budget and exceeding conceived expectations.


Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their full potential”


“Our goal is to provide fresh perspectives that enhance the culture, customers, community and team members of our clients ”


“To exceed customer expectations through innovations in products, performance, passions, people, and processes that have a sustainable impact on the business and the local community”

Many organizations rely solely on a mission statement to tell you about the passion of their organization. We are guided by ten (10) core character values which are the principles that continually remind us why we are here and make us unique.


  • CHARITY: A Diverse group united together in compassion to help other
  • RESPONSIBLE: making good choices with common sense
  • KINDNESS: having love and compassion to take action for others
  • PATIENCE: tolerance and strategic planning with a long-term focus
  • CITIZENSHIP: teaching right from wrong to develop good traits
  • JOYFUL: providing a fun and safe environment
  • RESPECT: treating others with gentleness and respect
  • COOPERATION: “Partnering” with business, civic and educational entities
  • PATRIOTIC: building social skills coupled with INTEGRITY
  • HONESTY: to be transparent while operating in truth
Our tree utilized in our logo is a representation of how God sees the world, people from every color, language, income level coming together as one body in unity.  It is our desire to help people work together to overcome obstacles and have victory in their personal life, their business relationships and with their Creator.  

Call (407) 212.7386 or email info@focusefforts.com