We offer our clients end to end development services to quickly bring new products or services to market.  Often, these new offerings provide companies improving profit margins and increasing sales revenues. 

Smart companies know that new products are critical to continued long term growth and profitability.  Yet, even these companies can suffer from new product failure when management focuses on current state without utilizing systems and processes to integrate new offerings into their sales and marketing efforts.

We help companies offer new product and services current and relevant.  We reduce time to market and costs by avoiding common problems such as:

  • Overcome the lack of capital for research and product/service development
  • Realistic scheduling to ensure value and quality are not jeopardized by rushing to market
  • Deficient designs that provide lack of service in a timely manner or inferior products
  • Access to expertise in engineering, design, prototyping, technologies and other professionals
  • Test services and products in controlled, samplings in the marketplace to track results
  • Avoid risky materials or labor situations
  • Automate processes to reduce manual inputs and errors
  • Ensure proper tooling and materials so development is done on time and right the first time

New products and services help you capture additional revenues on each sales order.  Some of the ways new offerings impact your company include:

  • Increase average sales order ticket value
  • Up-selling and cross-selling more products with your services to existing clients
  • Attracting new customers from other industries that can use a modified version of your current offerings
  • Provide newer technologies to the consumers
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competition who continues to do what they always have
  • Become an expert with knowledge of old and new materials and construction techniques along with product solutions that solve problems for clients
  • Increase profits with better margins and less competition
  • Increase revenue without increasing labor rates.

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