At Focus Enterprises, Inc. we work with real estate, education and professional services firms to provide strategic marketing assistance to their businesses and clients.  We can help your firm expand deeper into existing accounts along with new customers to build your existing practice using our proprietary platforms.  Our marketing experts bring you in-depth understanding of both strategic marketing and the specific challenges professional services firms face.

We provide your firm with the following:

  • Lead Generation:   we bring you opportunities that want to do business with your firm
  • Seminars:  our event planning and management will help you keep your clientele informed, current and educated
  • Exclusive Private Network:  we help connect you with professionals like CPA’s, attorneys, finance consultants, fund managers, capital companies, and others like yourself that will wholesale services to help create additional revenue for both of you.
  • Custom websites:  that display your look and brand to the world.  We can even build in forums, blogs and other features to help you spread your message
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  We build into your website key components to help customers find you online, then we continue to maintain this ongoing each month to support your evolving messages.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): We help you get increase visitors to your website through pay per click like google adsense and other affiliate programs
  • Mobilization:  We help you go digital by providing mobile apps for your clients and improving internal operations
  • Cloud Services:  We can create a place to operate safely from without having to expose sensitive information.
  • Directory Placement:  We help load your contact information into some of the largest industry specific search directories online
  • Video and Multimedia Production:  showcase your firm’s personality and best practices using videos
  • Thought Leader tools:  Our talented copywriters can draft your technical white paper or case study in such a way that will explain your position and passions to your audience.
  • Newsletters and Flyers:  Our team will help you provide your existing clients and potential prospects a timely piece to inform and entice them with a call to action response
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM):  helping you gain visitors to your website and keeping your followers engaged through appropriate use of social media tools such as linkedin, facebook,  instagram, and other social media websites.
  • Coaching:  Our team of industry leading coaches can help you with your own transformation and self enrichment efforts while we help your company as well.

These are just a few of the many ways we can help your individual business expand your products and services.  Since each customer of ours has a different business model, we only provide a customized, strategic program that best fits your unique needs.  Therefore, not all services are needed for each individual business we serve.

Contact us today to make your phones ring off the hook

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