Technology To Make You Faster, Stronger…

You don’t need $6 Million dollars to make your company Bionic…Response time is important in today’s marketplace when your competition calls a customer back in less than an hour and have crews onsite in less than two hours.

To assist our clients in gaining a competitive advantage through reduced cycle times we work with several individuals and companies that understand construction software. We have developed relationships that allow us to help you find, install and operate using technology that fits your business. Often software, mobile apps and hardware do not talk to each other properly causing all manner of problems inside the company. Many times we resort to manual operations in spreadsheets and other tools to help us make sense of the data.

Some of the ways we can help your technology utilization includes:

  • To gain external, objective advice and recommendations
  • To gain access to the consultants’ specialized expertise
  • Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required or necessary
  • To outsource all or part of the IT services from a specific company.
  • Help a business owner define their needs to properly create a scope of their needs and project
  • Establish a time frame that works best for the company and helps adhere to schedule
  • Support our clients through the whole project processes until complete

Call us today to review your current system and issues to determine if you need new technology or just deeper deployment of existing tools. (386) 259-0622 or email now.