We Help your company with all the preparation necessary to launch a fund correctly the first time.  Our team of business analysts help you understand your business model, develop strategic direction, set goals and objectives and provide an action plan to follow for your company and proper use of funds.


Businesses approaching the creation of a Pooled Investment Fund must consider a number of important issues from the very beginning that determines how to proceed during the fund creation and fund management stages.  Our initial evaluation will help determine how ready you and your company are to create your own access to private capital.

First, the fund creation will have to answer where is the fund going.  What are your goals for the Fund?  Are you trying to raise capital for single family, commercial, offices?  Are you seeking to provide modest encouragement to new forms of rental income streams?  Do you want to work only in one county, across a state or nationwide?   How many properties can you effectively project manage?   Will you use your own crews of have to collaborate with other general contractors?  Are you properly licensed or will you need to fill the void?  What areas in the past have given you the most problems?

Knowing where and how you will aim to launch a Fund sounds simple, but it will inform many of the important decisions that will shape the program, including budget, policies, and employees.  For example, if the primary goal of your Pooled Fund is to heighten the visibility and accessibility of your own product deal flow, then your company should seriously contemplate your own network in order to optimize access.

A second important consideration in the creation of a Real Estate asset backed Pooled Fund is the funding stage itself.  From where is the money going to come?  Does your own network of suppliers, partners and others be enough to fill the fund offering in a timely manner?  Can dedicated gifts be raised?   How viable are these sources in terms of long-term funding?  Knowing who is contributing, how much is available, what and for how long will help you frame the fund raising and is taken into consideration during the fund creation and evaluation.   This fore-thinking will inform staffing decisions, the marketing message, and a host of other issues.

A third important consideration concerns communication.  In creating an Private Equity pooled Fund, it is necessary to understand the level of engagement your company has to fund management issues.  To what extent do you understand what is necessary for financial reporting?  How will you communicate with your investors and do you recognize why it matters?  Understanding existing fund management requirements and investor perspectives regarding Pooled Funds will help you plan the Fund’s launch and ensure you have the resources necessary to accomplish that launch accordingly.

This is how we help you, by leveraging our extensive experience, legal relationships, document preparation, use of best practices and recognized leadership roles in the industry.

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