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To grow your business you must be able to present your vision and business model, in a professional way to shareholder, stakeholders, employees, and external customers to ensure sustainable growth.  Our Document Creation Services will help you reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to share your message to your audience.  We have helped hundreds of business owners, CPA’s and attorney firms improve throughput and saved our business clients thousands of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

What Is Your Story About?

      • Marketing a new idea or invention
      • Submitting for grants to service the local community’s needs
      • Sell more to the Government as a certified Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE/LDB/MBE)
      • Apply for a business bank loan to grow your business
      • Extend or establish your business line of credit
      • Becoming a certified SBA Federal 8(a) Programs participant to help secure DOD and GSA contracts
      • Startup a new business
      • Gain support for a Non-Profit Entity
      • Explain a concept and its strategic value to your peers
      • Seeking to obtain an SBA backed loan
      • Take your company public (IPO)
      • Attract private equity investors like an Angel Group or Venture Capital
      • Convey management objectives, goals, strategies and philosophy to remote location managers
      • Clarify partnership structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
      • Buy or Sell your business
      • Launch a new product or business unit
      • Planning for expansion both domestically and internationally
      • Prepared Due Diligence package for real estate projects
      • Business sales tools and templates
      • Commercial real estate development proposals
      • Reorganization or turnaround planning
      • Facilitate and brainstorming sessions
      • Merger and Acquisitions from due diligence to divesting segments with full integration of the rest
      • Analyze prospects for a franchisee or franchisor
      • Licensing and IP arrangements to sell your ideas to others
      • and many other business situations


      • Annual Reports and Quarterly Financial Statements
      • Strategic Plans with goals and action plan
      • Business Plans
      • Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and agreements
      • Private Placement Memorandums (PPM)
      • Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM)
      • Marketing Plans
      • Industry / Market Research Studies
      • Sales Plans and deployment materials
      • Collateral and brochures
      • Product catalogs
      • Operations Manuals
      • Training Manuals
      • Employee Manuals
      • Blogging and social networking updates and content
      • Presentations
      • White papers and case studies
      • Monthly sales flyers
      • Newsletters
      • Internal departmental forms
      • Subscription Agreements
      • Operating Agreements
      • Email, facsimile and broadcast programs
      • Corporate imaging, stationary such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards
      • Design to fulfillment services
      • Intranet development of an internal, custom knowledge base


Business Plans are a big part of the requirements necessary to raising capital whether its to attract debt (bank loans, SBA) or equity (Angels, Venture Capital).  You must be able to concisely explain your business model, competition, pricing strategies, promotions, how you will gain sales and who will help steer the company.   A good business plan helps an investor realize you know what your doing and will be a lower risk with their investments.


The most important aspect of a good business plan is factual numbers with bottom up sales forecasts, accurate expenses, good margins and strong control of cash flow.  Savvy investors will throw out your plan without looking at anything else besides your financial spreadsheets.   This is your most important aspect of the plan, you are asking to borrow money, investors want to be assured you know what you are doing with their money and they will get paid back in order to make money.

Clear Vision

A plan must articulate your vision, mission and other key aspects of your business.  You must get your investors excited about the opportunity you are presenting them and they must understand your vision and the way you see it.

Current Market Analysis

The market analysis section should illustrate your knowledge about  your products and services within the particular industry your business is in. This section should include: an industry description and outlook, target market information, market test results, lead times, and current market influences.  A really good plan will include detailed analysis of your competition both direct and indirect that will influence buying decisions for your business.

Marketing Strategies

An Overall Marketing Strategy would include a SWOT analysis, branding strategies, growth strategies, competitive intelligence, promotional strategies, packaging and other ways you will use to brand and position your company.   Include market research and other data to support your strategies in the appendix.

Sales Strategies

Selling your product is vital to the success of your company.  By creating a model of your customers, how you intend to sell these customers and the impact of channels on the profit margins.  Include warranty, customer services, after sale support and other strategies to keep and protect your customers.   This will help an investor see that your focus is on the customer, not your “new technology”.

Company Description

Your company should include information about the nature of your business as well as list the KEY factors that you believe will make your business a success. When defining why you’re in business be sure to list the customer’s needs that you are trying to satisfy.   Cover the aspects of who you are, what you are doing and where you intend to serve.   A company strategy will include ways to create barriers of entry for your competition and others who may want to enter your marketplace.  Effective barriers revolve around the customer’s needs and how you exceed their expectations.

Management Team

It is important that your plan shows a quality team that is capable of leading the company to the level of success the organization intends to achieve.  By focusing to much on the product and not on leadership is often a problem to investors.   Show how your managers have the background, education, experience and relationships to ensure a long term success for the business and the investor’s interests.   THis is one of the most critical aspects of the business to an investor and yet most of the time, company’s try to explain the managements ability relating to the product and not enough on their ability to lead.


Our documentation and consulting services will provide you the professionalism to help you organize and position your business for growth.  By proving that you know how to manage your company and expenses, you will provide investors/lenders a lower risk profile that improves their comfort level in you.  This confidence and a clear understanding of your mission will excite lenders and also help you clarify your needs get results.

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